Date: Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 4:10 PM
Subject: Robyn (formerly known as Toni)

My other darling, Hendree, passed away on 9 Feb 2013, fm Feline HCM related complications after just a mere 1 week after diagnosis of heart failure.

I adopted Toni (renamed Robyn, 2 y/o female, Siamese crossed) from SY last Thursday. Picked her up from the Pet Doctors.

This is an update to inform SY and Metta Cats that Robyn (fka Toni) is doing well. She’s eating well, gaining weight (she came to the vet at only 3.1kg!), happy and comfortable.

However, she was sneezing for past few days and I brought her to Pet Doctors yest. 2 weeks of Vibra Vet antibiotics andL-lysine, oh dear!

Here’s some photos you can place on your website. I always see Woodie Tom‘s photo so I thought can share Robyn’s too. She has this pair of “sad droopy” eyes but she is a happy, active, very sweet, manja and pretty gal! If Hendree was still alive, they would be lovers or best friends (based on Hendree’s personality)!

Help me update SY on this. I don’t want to keep disturbing her on WhatsApp as I know she is super busy!

Have a good day.

Best regards,
Jessica Lu
(owned by Derek Boy, Jordan, Hendree & Robyn)