Mambo passed away peacefully today

He passed away naturally today at the vet clinic.


Tanya Faye Koh
“RIP Mambo dear…
Although your time with us was short, you touched many of us. You never once complained, always just stayed out of our way. You never minded the cats or puppies that bothered you. You were at such peace with everything. Perhaps you were waiting for this day for so long… I’m sorry we couldn’t find you a home. I’m sorry your ex owners gave you up. I’m not sorry to have met you, and had some interesting times with you, at the photoshoot and sometimes you made us laugh. Rest in peace old boy….. ”””’ ”

Mambo 09-04-2013Mambo will be cremated at Tengoku ( tomorrow at 3pm.

Mambo at a photo-shoot on 8th September 2012
Mambo 08-09-2012 01

Mambo 08-09-2012 02

Mambo 08-09-2012 03

Mambo 08-09-2012 04

Mambo 08-09-2012 05

Mambo 08-09-2012 06

Mambo 08-09-2012 07

Mambo 08-09-2012 08

Mambo 08-09-2012 09

Mambo 08-09-2012 10

Mambo 08-09-2012 11

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