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Story of Mocha:
7-8 years ago, as SY was leaving the shelter one late night, she saw two dogs outside.
Later she found that they were dumped by a nearby boarding kennel because their owner defaulted payment.
They were named Mocha and Toffee.
SY opened some cat can food for them and told them to come back the next day.

The next morning, SY recalled, “I was shocked to see Toffee at the front of MC. Mocha was waiting anxiously outside the main gate.

It was as if Toffee told Mocha to be safe better not come into the compound yet. So big sister came in to scout around to make sure MC would accept them .
We put Toffee on a leash and brought an extra leash to go outside the main gate.

Mocha was happy to see us with Toffee.
Mocha also willingly allowed us to put on the leash and followed us into MC.”

Both were about 2-3 years’ old then.
Toffee passed away of age and illnesses a few years ago.

Both resisted being walked by volunteers despite coaxing as if afraid to be abandoned again.

Only lately, Meifang and sister manged to persuade Mocha for walks, probably because her boyfriend, Richie. went for walks!