OBK 15-11-2015


Background of OBK (recalled by Siew Ying):
“About 8 years ago, someone called me to say that a motorcyclist was throwing stones at a stray dog and chasing her away from a Multistorey Carpark in Tampines. I asked Mohan to try to bring the dog in. Mohan got her that very night. After 11 days in the shelter, the dog, named Tammy, gave birth to 11 puppies – 6 boys and 5 girls. We managed to re-home 5 boys, leaving 5 girls that include OBK and 1 boy called Ah Moon.

All these years this group has been healthy and never been ill, till 2 weeks ago. OBK was not eating and drinking a lot of water. Her sister, Niki, has wounds on both elbows and hind legs. I managed to treat Niki’s wounds. She is heavy at 25kg and would have been heavy to carry into the car.”

OBK was admitted on 4th November 2015.

She was found to have “multiple co-morbidities” including kidney impairment and anaemia.

Siew Ying bringing back to Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter which has been her only home. She will be given comfort care as she reaches the end of her life.

SY updates, “She refused to walk. Have to lug her to the car. Almost 20kg. Took her a while to realise that I was there to discharge her. After that, she wagged her tail non-stop.”