At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter:

MN-Blackie passed away peacefully in the morning of 14th March 2016. He resided in the shelter for 13 years. He was a very senior dog.

Siew Ying wrote:
“MN-Blackie rip early this morning. I informed Mrs Neo (MN) and she cried and she cried.
He was at least 14 years of age.

13 years ago, Mrs Neo rescued him from a car park next to a row of shops. He and his sister, both with terrible skin condition, were trying to survive by scavenging. Someone from a clinic was agitated by the dogs’ parking and complaint to the SPCA who caught the sister. The sister was euthanised. Mrs Neo managed to catch hold of the brother and I took him in. We named him MN-Blackie.

MN-Blackie’s first buddy was the Malamute called Ah Wolf (…/appeal-to-help-an-abandoned-husk…).

MN-Blackie used to help Ah Wolf to clean his mouth after every meal. After Ah Wolf rip about 9 years ago, Dusty came to shelter and we put him with Blackie. Both became best friends.

Although MN-Blackie became deaf and visually impaired due to cataracts, he was still eating right till yesterday.

MN-Blackie was cremated at Mobile Pet Cremation this afternoon.”

Cremation’s video: