Buy the MCDS 2017 Calendars from Dobi
Dobi, totally blind, FIV+ and kidneys “koyak” and given a “grave” prognosis by his vet, lives one day at a time, enjoying the warmth of a foster-home with humans that will care for him till his last breath.
(He lived in MCDS from 2013 till August this year. He was found by someone in a drain in Tanjong Pagar. Siew Ying accepted him into her care in 2013)
His health is a roller coaster – ok one day and down the next day. He is the Cat of March 2017 and he hopes to be still around by then.
In gratitude to Siew Ying who took care of him, Dobi will pay the postage of MCDS 2017 Calendars at $10 even for just one copy.
To get a copy, or request to mail to friends, send a PM (Personal Message) to Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter
You will be given a POSB a/c to pay to AFTER the calendar/s have arrived safely.
Copies of 5 or more will be sent via TaQbin courier.