Farewell Nelly

Farewell, Nelly

Farewell Nelly, one of the longest and oldest residents of Metta Cats/Dogs ShelterShe passed away peacefully in her sleep in the early hours of 30th December 2016She was cremated at Mobile Pet Cremation (http://mobilepetcremation.com.sg/) on 31st December 2016You may donate food to Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter "In Memory of Nelly" at Animal Human Alliance site:http://www.a-h-a.net/support_metta_cats.html(Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address. Just put "NA" as we will send the food to Metta Cats.)#nellymcds

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Saturday, 31 December 2016

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