At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter at 6pm

SY, “Nelly .. Out for walk walk 😊

More than 12 years ago, a volunteer called Jenny Ong rescued Nelly with her 5 kittens from a Woodlands’ flat’s staircase. Another volunteer, Anthony, adopted two kittens, both of whom had passed away of “old age”.

About 10 years ago, Nelly was adopted by an expat lady. After a few months, the expat lady returned her, claiming she has BO (Body Odour). However SY said, “We didn’t smell any unusual BO all these while.”

“She would walk through the doggies’ corridor like she owned the place. All the dogs would bark at her. She just stared at them and continued her leisurely stroll. Boh Chup!”

Lately she was on the verge of death from chest infection, not responding to antibiotic.

She was given nebulizer of silver colloidal solution thrice a day. After one day of nebulisation, she coughed out a lot of phlegme and started eating.


SY, “She’s very calm and very relax outside”