Holstein RIP on 29th January 2017 at 1pm

Holtein RIP at 1pm on 29th January 2017. Resident since 2009.

On the 29th of January 2017 at 1pm, Holstein closed his chapter as a dog, with Siew Ying by his side. Siew Ying took him in after the lady who adopted Tuas-Boy in 2009
saw him almost knocked down by cars along Jalan Bukit Merah. Damy helped to bring him into the shelter.

A few weeks ago, he suffered a stroke and he lost his vision too. However he was not in any discomfort and h was still eating. He had a good dinner on the night of 28th January 2017. The next morning, he was not able to get up. Siew Ying shifted him onto an elevated bed. He took his last breath peacefully at 1pm

Siew Ying recalled Holstein,

“He was easily bullied by other dogs.
He had bad toilet habits. He was good friend with Janice before she RIP.

When we put him next to Angel, she loved to control his activities. Whenever he barked, Angel would tell him off. When he shitted on the shelf that he was supposed to sleep on, Angel would bark non-stop.
Since he came to this new shelter, he bunked in with Maya who also took over Angel’s role of controlling his activitives.
He was a nice boy 😊
Easy going character.”

He will be cremated at Mobile Pet Cremation (http://www.mobilepetcremation.com.sg) tomorrow as today’s slots are all full.

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