Kiara passed away in the UK

From adopter of #kiaraadopted

“Kiara settled so happily in uk. She was instantly more relaxed and at home than her time with us Singapore. It was as though she was made for this climate. She ruled house and garden here and she was loved and cared for by all of us. Every night she would sleep with me on my bed – but her favourite person was Cassia and she was so happy when Cassia came back to visit from uni.

Unfortunately Kiara suddenly became ill about 2 weeks ago. It seems she had pancreatitis and her gall bladder had ruptured. The specialist at the hospital suspected the high levels of bacteria present had been eating away at her insides slowly for many years before symptoms appeared. Fluid had leaked into her stomach. She stopped eating and lost weight rapidly. The vets and the animal hospital did what they could but she passed away in my arms at 7:30pm on Wednesday night.

“We thank you for uniting us with Kiara. We are so so sad since her sudden passing.”

Background of Kiara,
She was adopted in mid 2010 and returned to MCDS in January 2011 because
1) “My wife-to-be is allergic to cats, and hence it is not possible for us to keep Kiara.”
2) “She is a very manja and vocal cat. So needs a lot of attention which we are not able to give enuff of.”

It was not long before Kiara was adopted by Caroline Francis who took her to UK.“This was taken the night before she died. She suddenly seemed to perk up as I took this photo. So I got one more lovely shot of her. But you can see how much weight she had lost in those final 2 weeks as she relaxed again a minute later…”