Richie just passed away

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary bids good-bye to one of the oldest residents, RIchie. He passed away without any struggle at 5.45pm on 3rd June 2017. Mummy Siew Ying would not be able to bathe him tomorrow but will now clean him for his cremation tomorrow.

PM MCDS if you would like to sponsor any portion of the cremation fee of $374 at Mobile Pet Cremation (

🌷🌺Background of RichieπŸ•:

Siew Ying recalls,
“Someone lodged him with a breeder then defaulted payment.

When the breeder was moving out they abandoned him @ Lorong Halus.

He made his way back to his previous residence every night hoping that they would open up the back door for him.

We fed him at the back fencing area for a while, then one day he refused to move away even after eating.

He was not neutered yet and we did not have enough cubicle to segregate him. I talked to him and wanted him to promise not to fight with the other dogs. He wagged his tail and sort of acknowledged. I took him in and he was ok sharing space from then on.

I think that about 10 years ago.


May he be happy where-ever he is now and if he is to reborn, be born a human who is not only wise but has a kind heart as well, so that he can help other living beings like he had been helped in this life.