At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

Background of Suzy:

“She was discovered hiding in a drain, heavily congested and barely able to breathe, by some kind people who brought her to the vet.

She tested positive for FIV but negative for FELV, and given some antibiotics and other meds and fostered by one of her rescuers.

It was really painful to see this little cat gasping and struggling to breathe in the first few days of her treatment. It didn’t look that she could survive.

However, miraculously she clung on and eventually her breathing improved.

Reduced to skin and bones, she even started to eat on her own. Although she’s an old cat, she’s only the size of a kitten, due to her lifetime of malnourishment and suffering. It’s obvious that Suzy has had a really hard and torturous life.

Due to her poor condition, this cat will not be able to survive long once back on the streets.

After all her suffering, Suzy should be able to spend her last days in a safe and caring environment.”