It’s Siew Ying, founder of MCDS, (SY)’s birthday on the 12th of July.

She spends most of her waking time at the Sanctuary since 1999 (

She definitely deserves a break and a big birthday gift!

However, she thinks that sponsorship forMettacats & Dogs Sanctuary (MCDS) would be the greatest gift she could ask for.

Any amount of donation is welcome!

Her wish list consists of:

1) Frozen Food for the cats and dogs (SY will prepare nice home-cooked food for the cats and dogs)

2) Canned food for the dogs
(mostly Nutripe and sometimes Nature’s Gift)

3) Canned food for the cats
(the greedy finicky kitties want Aristro premium, Gold-D, Sheba, Monge and others)

4) Dry food for the dogs
(they get Taste of the Wild and Bosch dog food but they sometimes want something else)

5) Dry food for the cats (the kitties eat SANABELLE and GOLD-D kibbles. But there are times they ask for something else.)

6) Cat litter (the kitties use PEE WEE litter – they all agree that it’s the best!)

7) RENTAL and MISCELLANEOUS expenditure

Rental and Utilities alone cost approx $7000+++ per month

Please donate generously to:

Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary
DBS current : 107-903608-2

For donation via cheques, do pm MCDS admin for mailing address

For all forms of donations, please drop PM MCDS admin with the following info:

Internet bank transfer – Date of transaction and transaction number ATM bank transfer – Date and time of transfer

Cheque: Let us know when you have mailed it out or banked in so that SY can check

Amount donated:
Donations will be consolidated on monthly basis.