Angel’s Cremation

Angel (#angelmcds) was taken over by Siew Ying when she was at the SPCA in 2012 and saw two ladies at the counter surrendering this Jack Russell Terrier (JRT). One of the woman said that the dog belonged to her daughter and she had gone overseas.
A trial of adoption for Angel failed as she exhibited some aggressive behaviour. Acupuncture helped to pacify her behaviour.
She was well loved and pampered at Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary.

She was well until the late afternoon of 8th August 2017 when she became drowsy and could not walk. A few minutes she managed to get up and walked slowly towards her bedding.
She lapsed into a coma and took her last breath at 7.35pm.

She was cremated at Mobile Pet Cremation ( on 9th August 2017.

She is estimated to be about 13 years of age this year.