Tuck Wah Siew

In loving memory, of one of the most amazing people we know. One who dedicated her whole life to helping animals in need. You will always be dearly missed, Auntie Siew Ying. In the video, you will see one of SOSD’s earliest rescues, of a dying stray dog. Siew Ying, founder of Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary, alerted us to his plight, which allowed him to pass away peacefully, in the warmth of a foster home.


Siew Ying has dedicated her whole life to rescuing cats and dogs in need. She never asked for anything in return, except that the animals have food, water and a roof over their heads. Before SOSD had a shelter, she would offer her help to house our rescues, free of charge. Such was her generosity and compassion for animals in need.

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