Remembering Adek


On this day
6 years ago

Siew Ying took in a cat from Shell at Upper Changi Road. A volunteer has been providing food to the pump attendants to feed a few cats. This cat named Adek, fell sick and went into hiding.

A Shell petrol station staff called at 9.20am to say Adek turned up and he was very sick.

Siew Ying dropped the shell station at about noon, picked up Adek and sent him to the nearby Frankel Vet Clinic Frankel Veterinary Centre.
He was dehydrated and breathless.

Update from Siew Ying, after Adek was brought to the shelter at the previous Pasir Ris Farmway 2 location,

” Adek sleeping on the sofa ! Probably never slept on one before.”