On this day
8 years ago
3rd March 2012

#RememberingSiewYing wrote,

“Yesterday at about 5pm, a student knocked on Pet Clinic that was already close. A vet assistant opened the door and saw a young student with this kitten, umbilical cord still there. The vet assistant called Siew Ying for help.

Siew Ying agreed and the student called her.

The student told Siew Ying that she would pass the kitten to a friend at Bukit Timah later that night who could care for one day with kitty milk powder.

Late that night, Siew Ying called the student. The student and the kitten were still at Serangoon.

Siew Ying asked that the kitten be sent to her home.

The student has someone drove her and Siew Ying picked up the kitten at her downstairs at about 1am. The can of milk powder was not even opened yet!

Siew Ying named the kitten, Aston.