’ Appeal for his Human, Micheal, to come visit him. He misses him a lot 😢

Background of WOOFIE (http://www.mettacats.org/2017/06/woofie.html)

22/06/17: WOOFIE’s owner, Michael, was at his wits’ end and was about to dump him in an industrial estate when he bumped into Siew Ying who took over the care of Woofie without any financial support as Michael was broke.

Subsequently, calls and messages to Michael were not answered.

If you know Michael, do ask him to visit Woofie and there is no need to feel “Pai-Say”. He won’t need to pay for Woofie’s care if he is still in a dire state.

WOOFIE is featured in #MCDS2019calendars

If WOOFIE can speak, this is what he would say to Michael,

“You lost your money.
You were going to lose your flat too.
You held on dearly to me
as you were reluctant to abandon me in an industrial estate.
You brought me from one boarding to another to another
but none would take me in for free
You were desperate

Then you met Siew Ying
who took me in unconditionally.

You made a promise to visit me
Once you were settled.

Day after day
I pined for you.

Siew Ying was worried when I ate little
as I was feeling so lost without you.

You did not answer calls and messages
asking you to visit to cheer me up to eat.

I saw Siew Ying getting so worried
Kept coaxing me eat and
tempting me with different kinds of food.

So i decided to get better

I still long for your touch.


PM Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary if you wish to help with sponsoring Woofie’s long-term care or if you wish to adopt him.

You can also choose to help in caring for him by sponsoring his canned food and dry food at this Animal Human Alliance site: