Appeal for GOLD-D canned food–OKK95X66S1h59kWhdeGU3YW37tkKKa36yycOWPSwJQwDSgS7z2R7Dkqx5WvqoPZb7IsCA&__tn__=EEHH-R

Goldie APPEALS for the CANNED FOOD for the CATS at Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary (MCDS)
You can sponsor by the following ways:
(Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
Just put “NA” as the food will be sent to MCDS)
2) WhatsApp Animal Human Alliance (AHA) at
+65 8127 2723
with this message:
“I would like to sponsor ____(number of) cartons of Gold-D canned food for Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary at $25 per carton.
Please advise on payment and let me know when it is delivered. Thank you. My name is ______” See less