4 years ago: Chai-Ya

4 years ago
17 September 2016

Siew Ying is now mummy to Chai-Ya.

Chai-Ya was admitted to Frankel Vet Centre on 13-09-2016 for infection of the right eye. During examination, her “dew” claw of her right paw (likely the same one that was curved and piercing into her paw pad about a year ago) was found to be “rotten” and removed. Hopefully this nail will not regrow.

Another cat that used to roam in the same vicinity as Chai-Ya, called #hitamsingaporecommunitycats, was allegedly abused to death as told to Noi Noi by a feeder, about 3 weeks ago.

As such, it was felt that it is not safe to release Chai-Ya to the same location. Her right eye’s infection also needs antibiotic eyedrops application.


Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Wednesday, 16 September 2020