21 Sep 2020: ALBA & ELBA went to their new home


21 Sep 2020: ALBA & ELBA went to their new home

Story of #ALBAmcds & #ELBAmcds:

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2 April 2019: Terry recounts the rescue of ALBA & ELBA:
“This is the fellow (https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/serial-stalker-jailed-harassing-woman) who approached us to take the two Dempsey cats; Alba and Elba. He refused to tell us who gave him our number. We got Lynda to contact him.
His story was that the curator of the then closing museum of contemporary art abandoned these cats. He introduced himself as a private jet salesman and he was feeding these two since the museum was getting demolished.
A very blunt person, was very fixated on where our shelter was and kept asking if we knew the cat museum lady personally because he couldn’t contact her with regards to the rescuing of these cats.
Mum and I went down personally to collect them. He didn’t know how to handle then and then showed us what he fed them : microwaved eggs, dog treats and food scraps mixed into a bowl with some sort of instant soup base.
I asked if they could be handled, he wasn’t sure. I got a long scratch from Alba (xxl size) while trying to coax them into the cages.
These two were also the last two cats my mum (Siew Ying) personally went down to pick up with me.

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