Volunteers needed for doggies

Volunteers needed for the doggies

[VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!] Hey y’all! Anyone good with doggos? Metta has nearly 30 dogs, and half of them are young (or youngish hehe) and adoptable! They are super cute, affectionate and love attention and walkies! But we gotta get them trained and familiar with human interaction first.

If you’re good with dogs, or know someone who is, please DM us! We’d love to work with committed volunteers to set up a schedule for our doggos to interact with people and get some very basic training in walking and simple commands. Spread the word please! More than boots, these doggos are made for walking. ✊🐕🥾

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#POLARmcds who was a factory dog. He bit the manager who sentenced him to AVA. Siew Ying took him in on the day he was destined for AVA. The person and his wife were very grateful to Siew Ying. They visited him twice with their children and were not heard of again.

#MAYAmcds was rescued by Mumtaz Begam Aziz who rescued her from a Muslim Cemetery. Siew Ying took over her total care, plus three other dogs (Jasmine, Dahlia and Daisy).

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Monday, 21 September 2020

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