Amazing story of Greyee-Boy and Scawny (both rescues)

#GREYEEBOYadopted was once a homeless cat in an industrial park in Geylang East Avenue 2. A long time volunteeer of provided him with food and looked out for him since early 2000’s. He was then boarded after he had injuries on him. His first adoption was short-lived but he was re-adopted by Morna Tan who cared for him with much loving-kindness till he took last breath at 11pm last night.

Greyee-Boy used to have an arch-enemy #SCRAWNYadopted (also a rescue) and both inflicted horrendous injuries on each other from fights.

Then one day, they decided to be best of friends.

Greyee-Boy had a near death a few times from clot in his aorta, bleeding from anti-coagulant to lately, likely a stroke. Yet he hung onto the humans who doted on him and most of all his BFF Scrawny.

Morna wrote, “Last photos yesterday morning before he took his last breath at 11pm last nite.
Poor scrawny keeps checking n looking on GB 😰so touching.

Really unbelievable if i tell someone abt how close they are.
Will send Greyee-Boy for cremation wif ash and will bury both ashes together under a tree with Scrawny after he dies.”

Scrawny’s health took a sudden downturn during when Greyee-Boy felll critically ill again this time. He, too, is reaching his end of life soon.

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Saturday, 17 October 2020