For Adoption: Cute Maneko


Seeking ADOPTION: Maneko (#manekomcds) HOPES for a GOOD HOME soon.

Neutered gal

Estimated age: 3-4

Abandoned when she was about to give birth.

A Japanese lady feeder brought her home but kept her in a balcony with no grills on a high floor. Another feeder, #MRSNEOmcds, asked Siew Ying, founder of, to take her in.

She came to and gave birth to 4 babies (#toppingmcds, #tamtammcds, #tomtommcds & #timtimmcds)
The son:

She was adopted in September 2020 and was returned a week a later as the adopter was overwhelmed by her flu. When she returned to, Terry said the flu was mild.

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Tuesday, 16 March 2021

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