7 March 2021


Background of K5

Rescue of K5

Terry wrote, “K5 came out today. He is the last cat at canteen at Sungei Kadut that I wanted to rescue. No one is feeding him. He has lost a lof of weight. There is a bad cut on the left front leg.

The dogs at the temple besides the canteen were all taken away except for one that who managed to escape. The vendors in the rightmost canteen did not know who took away the dogs but were taken away overnight. The dogs usually slept inside the the temple but it was closed due to Covid-19. So the dogs had to sleep outside.

K5 sat on the back seat of the car as I did not have a carrier. I did not want to risk losing him again.

He is now in K4’s cubicle.

I wiped him clean and apply a dose of Revolution.

I applied Banoecin powder and Colloidal Silver on the wound. He refused to allow me to wrap a Coban bandage on his leg. Will check later.”

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Sunday, 7 March 2021