Video Update on Machiko, now called Iris, adopted on 3rd October 2011

Update from Cherlyn Ng.

Cherlyn and Hubby adopted #MACHIKOmcds, re-named #IRISadopted and #NUBImcds on 3rd October 2011.
See this photo shoot:

Cherlyn wrote,
” Iris being princess loh.. she demand different food every meal so rotate between gum-free cat food, her prescription wet food, kibble, home cooked chicken or fish, and freeze dried raw. not to mention her share of human dinner also. so healthy shed fur until everyone tak-boleh tahan 🙄

totally SPOILT! if she doesn’t get her way she will start scolding ppl. every night must wake up 2am and 5am to feed her, lunchtime must come back from work to feed her also if not incur her wrath.

Video of Iris on her throne taking a bath after makan.

The bedding is custom hand sewn by my mom specially for her
quilt somemore! even i don’t have that kinda treatment.”

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Saturday, 1 May 2021