Banana, Leng-Leng & Flower to the vet

Banana, Leng-Leng & Flower to the vet


Cats to to Mount Pleasant Vet Centre – Gelenggang

Terry wrote,
“Leng #LENGLENGmcds and Banana #BANANAmcds darbo jab.
Flower #FLOWERmcds for checkup on teeth.
Leng also needs teeth done, after she improves.”

LENG-LENG & daughter, BANANA were rescued from a workers’ quarters in 2017. by Wong Ling who feared they would be eaten. She passed them of to Siew Ying of Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary.
Both have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) a as & need daily subcutaneous hydration & weekly jabs of Darbepoetin to boost their red blood cells.

FLOWER underwent dental treatment on 8 June (

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Sunday, 27 June 2021