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10年前,他的主人搬离八楼的组屋把他留在走廊。同情和容忍使一些住户照顾他,直到七楼的住客录下有人喂食而威胁要报警。一住户暂时收留他,并带他去Animal Clinic West 治疗牙龈发炎。他将会转移到猫之家,在那里度过安定的一生。他的名字叫Ni Ni,现在大约13岁。

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A 13-year-old cat coming to live out his life at the cattery

10 years ago, his owners moved out of the flat on the 8th storey and left him in the corridor. He was taken care of by some residents. He is now estimated to be at least 13 years of age. … Continue reading

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