Mikho Jr

Mikho Jr – copied JiMi sleeping style 🙂 Gender: Male DOB (estimated): 28-01-2010) Temperament: absolutely wonderful with humans and cats/kittens

Barney and JiMi

She’s very fussy with her sleeping area, will be the 1st one to doze off on the white ikea cushion, on my bed 🙂 She’s […]

mms of JiMi

“Jimi, just dewormed him, hyper active boy, this photo taken when he was abt to sleep. Super cute.! :)” Jimi,刚去虫,超级活跃,这张照片是在他睡着时拍的。超可爱! :” 要领养 JiMi…请单击此处 To adopt […]


Photo on the day he was rescued, 14-03-2010 15-03-2010, 9.27am, SY’s mms update: “JiMi is much better today. Less sneezy. More active. He knows how […]